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6:54 AMkimi ko

It isn't the first time I made this Men's Collection. Honestly, it was hard for me to think of what they should wear. I really want something that is bright and bold. "Kpop Fashion" is what inspired me in these designs.

Photo Taken last Oct 04, 2014

L TO R: Gab, Pau, Me (at the center) Miggy and Felix
Memp Models

This event was the Final judging for "Runway Ambassador Teens and Kids Edition".
I'm one of the judges of the said competition together with Sir Joey De Leon  - Intl. Fashion Photographer, and Ms. Chariz Soriano - Finest Model Grand Winner.

Crop Top Fashion 

Of course it is easier for me to create something for the girls. As you can see, I'm a lover of  "KOREAN FASHION".

Photo taken Last October 19, 2014
The Final judging for Fresh Faces (again I'm one of the judges of the said event)

Here are some photos of my creations:

Miko Abunal

Sir Lito Caleon 
If you want more, click here to see more photos from the Fresh Faces event: Lito Caleon Photography

Lito Caleon's FB Page
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By the way, Sir Lito Caleon is one of the best photographers I know. It's been a year since we first met. In every event that I was with him, he always gives me a picture blast. He is so kind and humble. He's a man of perfection in the field of photography, "THE BEST I EVER KNEW"

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