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Hello bloggers! ispottedkimiko is all about Kimiko’s fashion diary. It is more on my own fashion designs and customization; rarely on  brands and expensive mainstream stuff. This blog is different than before, promising you more posts by yours truly.

At first, I don’t really know how to start a blog, how it looks like, and how to create my own blogging style. Ms. Camille Co inspires me a lot, and she's the one who influenced me to be a fashion blogger. I’m in love of her own blogging style. Through her, I learned a lot. Her blog gave me the idea to write a new one, and it also made me understand fashion industry more.
Fashion industry opened my eyes to a new world; it has lead me to be a DREAMER. I dream a lot since I started modelling way back a decade ago. This industry helped me find my true self.

A year ago, I decided to use ispottedkimiko as the title of my blog (it was really hard to decide, you know hahaha!) Today, I'm going to give my blog some added flavors. I am actually planning to add different pictures, probably some awkward poses, collages with filter effects, my runway experiences, designer collections, and of course, my own fashion diary.
A Little Thing About Me:
My full name is Kimverlyn Monato. I'm 19, a Rad Tech student. I am a follower of God. A dreamer (who dreams to be a model, stylist, fashion blogger, designer, and an artist). I have a lot of dreams that I need to fulfill and I know I can reach them.

My secret dream is to be a pop star (I know it sounds funny but I'm not kidding hahaha!). I really want to become one because I love dancing and singing, as well as doing artworks and sketches. I often show off my talents (because I believe in the saying, "If you have it, flaunt it!" But to tell you the truth, I am not confident at all. Often times, I break down and lose hopes. I sometimes curse myself and ask why I’m such a loser (well, it's actually a bad thing for a dreamer like me so I don't advise you to do the same thing). I know I have to fight for my dreams, I need to stand up and reach for my greatest dreams! Let's all do the same, okay?

Note: About my current theme (floral) I fell in love with this floral layout because it looks classy, elegant, romantic and girly. Hmmm I’m still trying my best to work on it so please do follow my blog :) Thank you in advance, readers and bloggers! <3

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