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A Dreamer's Walk

6:29 AMkimi ko

(Sharing my experience)

It’s amazing how a lot of girls nowadays dream to be a model someday, and I know I am lucky to be a part of this industry. Like everyone else, I'm a "dreamer” and I have a big DREAM. Like little girls, dreaming is like a fantasy to me (something that we will only see if we close our eyes), or something that we can only see in fairy tales, complete with a godmother and a magic spell (bibidi-babadi-boo). In reality, however, the fairy godmother's counterpart is my own family who supports me and the magic spell's counterpart is a pack of confidence. You have to be a dreamer, believer, and achiever.

Support from the family is easy but confidence is something that's hard to build up. At times I am questioning myself, "why don't I have this?", "Why don't I have that?", "Am I good enough?"
I know most of us are having the same problem. Sometimes, I feel rejected and I often think that I’m the ugliest girl in the industry. I lack so much confidence but I don’t want to bury all of my dreams and end up regretting.

Then I started writing my dreams, noting my every day experience, then I realized "I'm here already, so what am I thinking?” I’m too negative back in those days, not knowing that I 'm already getting there and this is actually my stepping stone. That was the time when I woke up, stood up and decided to pursue my dreams. I have this gut feeling that if this dream wasn't meant for me then why it is everything that my hearts desires in the first place? I mean, I believe that God has put this desire in my heart because it is for me. I also believe in the saying that, "If you can imagine it, then you can do it!" and "If you don’t follow your dreams who will?"
Some of us believe that dream is only a fiction, an illusion of one's mind rather than a reality that leads us to the future. But I'm going to prove that it will come true. Join me in my journey and let's prove to the world that "dreams do come true".

Allow me to share a photo reflecting my first stepping stone; a walk that started it all. And I call it, "A Dreamer's Walk".

Earrings: SM Accessories
Makeup by: Everbilena

Black and White glam (custom made) Lolita hat
Corset (beaded with black circle stones)
Shorts (fur black shorts)
Heels (People Are People and Janilyn)
Black stocking socks

Getting tired of wearing same dresses for a glam look? Then try something new by adding some flavors! You can wear a piece of fur shorts and beaded corset that absolutely look glam (rock) and sexy.

Don't forget your hair style!

Credits to all photographers
Some photos are edited by me, original copies are in my FB account Kimverlyn Monato


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