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Street Style

6:02 AMkimi ko

Would you walk in the street like this? Hmm I don't think so... Most especially here in the Philippines, people will stare at you and probably think,"WTH is she wearing?"
Well I don't care because fashion is my life.
  I am so in love with the print of what I am wearing; it's a bit swagg and Kpop. Swagg and Kpop? Well I really don't know.
Asians label it as K-pop fashion, non-Asians on the other hand label this as swagg.
I remember there's a group of girls who asked me
"Kpopers ka ba?" and I told them, "NO." I don't get it,
they're all staring at me. I even asked myself if there's anything wrong with this. But I know there isn't.
So this is what they call Kpop fashion, eh?
I thought Korean fashion is all about pastel dresses with cute prints.

Yay! I'm not aware so I searched over the internet

I saw the music video of "I GOT A BOY" by Girls Generation, it has given me some fashion ideas: a seething combination of cute and cool.
I'm loving different styles now, whether it's Kpop, swagg or whatsoever, I want to try all those fashion styles. 
 I like wearing oversized polo and wear it as a sub blazer like this.

Jack Daniels print is cool.
To spice up my style, I wore spiky necklace to complement my sneakers filled with studs and spikes.
I find wearing high socks and a pair of sneakers so cute. It's my first time wearing those, though.

Since Kpop and swagg are popular these days, I know a lot of you will love this look.

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