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ispottedkimiko (We Save Life)

6:25 AMkimi ko

Hi there netizens, my blog spot is still in progress and I'm really working hard for it so that by December I can post more :)

Why did I entitle this post "We Save Life"? Because we will have a fashion show for a cause on November 8,2014 and I would like to invite you to support us as "We Save Life".

And also, I would like to invite you to check my page KM Creations; its all about the fashion you wear everyday made by your truly Kim Monato.

This page will serve as my #OOTD page. Clothes which are customized and personally made by me because I create something unique that will open the eyes of the public that fashion is not just about wearing branded clothes but loving clothes no matter where they come from.

By the way, I'm accepting made to order designs and you can reach me through the following:

Anyways, this little Gold Dress is one of my creations.


Thank you so much to those who came and watched our Charity Fashion Show. Thank you, ABS CBN Foundation for posting the recently concluded We Save Life. Till next time!

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