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Metro Blogger, the fastest growing blogging community conquered the runway not just for benefit of the Bantay Bata program but as well as to showcase the talent of each and everyone of us.
I am going to let you know more about Metro Blogger so stay tuned.

By the way, do you know that the leading Korean inspired clothes are now in the metro?
Last march 28, 2015 Mugigae launched their chic corporate style and summer wear
when you see the name Mugigae, how do you pronounce it? its like a tongue twister, dont you think so ?

Like other girls, I am very much excited to wear one of the clothes To be dressed like a Korean star, and guess what? We walked with the song twinkle by tatiseo of girls generation . oh how I love the music as much as i love the dress.

The song choice is awesome. We really enjoyed every ramp like were' just playing around.
Can you see the smile painted in their faces? Can't tell you enough how happy  I am to be chosen as one of the models.

Here are some of the pictures of their Korean inspired collection 
take a look at these floral prints

So chic and so stylish, just staring at it makes me feel the summer breeze

Mugigae also brings you the Fashionable corporate attire. Who said professionals cannot be fashionable?

Here's the solution to the yuppies dilemma of making fashion and corporate meet.

                                                                    Plains and prints
                                      Runway Trends you'll be wearing for all season

Fuel your everyday outfit with these fashion trend prints 



shop this chic look now 

Models share their experience wearing one of the leading Korean inspired clothes Mugigae

Aira Calungsod: I had a really fun time wearing Mugigae. My first set of clothes were chanel-like and corporate looking and the second dress i wore was a tulip- cut dress in a trendy peacock. The runways mood was a lighter as we sachay to Kpop's music. Totally different from the usual serious mood of high fashion.

Micky Reynante: It feels like I'm a Korean celebrity, I love the dress especially the Chinese style floral trend 

So what are you guys waiting for? Fashion is for all. Dress up ala Korean with Mugigae Fashion.

visit: www.mugigae.com

Instagram: @mugigae

Ph: Lito Caleon of fab manila

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