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Summer is not yet over

6:05 AMkimi ko

 I know that some of us are getting ready for school days, which will start in June. But some of us will spend summer in June and July.
So summer is not yet over - it's just a starting!

I'm wearing right here is the one i sew last month. I really love crop tops though it shows some skin but I really love to choose this style. This is really my style, but 
dont worry I know where I should wear them. Having this kind of style makes summer more comfortable, especially heat is hitting you up.

This is really good to wear in beach, in a pool or a party, but in some country it's just a simple style! Too bad some of us can't appreciate this but I respect them because we're living in a country with "Ma. Clara" mindset. Hail to those studs who will start their school year in August! Lucky you!

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