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A t-shirt confession (follow my fashion story )

11:28 AMkimi ko

Its midnight and I'm writing a blog again, i guess i get used to it. My thoughts are creating a short story of fiction but my body works for a story of existence.

I said before that I'm not a simple girl like everyone else you can define me as a unique one, I like to be different far from definition of a simple girl. Time is running so fast to live a boring life without a style on it.

 A t-shirt Confession if you know me better you could get it easily, way back a year ago i'm not a fan of any tees at all it makes my fashion style boring I don't usually wear simple t-shirt as if it is not existed in my closet, but you know me i try everything and combine it to be simple yet a powerful one I want it to be like that.

This tee save my ootd for today it keeps a little secret that you will love for the rest of your life

Its simple but don't underestimate the power on it.

You better kill the boring looks of a t shirts , this piece of shirt tells me the unboring ways of wearing a t shirt guess ill be rock-in this look for the rest of my life 

Good thing that everything changes and fashion is evolving, tshirt gives us a killer style that can simply be done as a simple  or a  unique way of styling.

Back then you often see me wear a simple tshirt  but get used to it by now, i will post a blog on how to style it differently don't just let yourself to be like everyone else it is good to be unique in your own way make a style on it , live fashionable :)

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