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Know your Style

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Know Your Style

Style is eternal. I know some of us follow trends. However, not everyone knows if a certain style fits us right. There are different classifications of style but believe me, go for whatever makes you feel comfortable. Try to reinvent.

For us girls, it's really hard to think of what to wear for last minute meet ups. It usually takes us an hour to go find the clothes right for us.
- Know what's good for your body shape and know what makes you feel beautiful. Doing this will boost your confidence.

Let me give you some tips of choosing your style. As for me, my style is versatile - I'm very comfortable regardless of what clothes I wear.

1. Know your style.

2. Know who are going to be with you .
- Sometimes, our friends will question us about our outfit. Don't overdress to the extent that your friends will feel inferior saying, "Mukha kaming P.A mo." Be considerate of their outfits too. You may have classy friends, sophisticated friends, hippie friends, or those who always follow trends - go with the flow. But don't forget to have your own fashion statement.

3. Know where you will go. - If you're going to the mall, church, meeting, or wherever it is, just dress appropriately.
4. Don't mind what other people will think of you.
- If you can carry your outfit, then who are they to judge?

Style depends on our personality. There's a style for each of us, we just have to be knowledgeable and explore more. What matters most is that you're comfortable with what you wear.
If you're looking for an inspiration when it comes to fashion, there are tons of fashion bloggers out there, including yours truly. You can simply follow our blogs and other social media accounts.
By the way, I will be posting some tips on my Instagram account so stay tuned.

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