chic denim

Wrap up

1:28 AMkimi ko

first on my list is the wrap up style
you often see me with that look whenever i go out strolling,i don't know but i'm really used to 
instead of gingham i always use denim to wrap it up on my waist.
I think you should love it too
     reasons why you should love the wrap up
It is really cool to wear it in partner it with different outfits like dresses, pant, or shorts.

It's more like a swagger thing to me.

Turns the simple look to a more fashionable outfit.
Wrap up is one of the most easiest ways of styling .

Dare to wear super short shorts and add it up so you wont be shy to wear them. We all know how awkward it is to wear super short shorts outside the house because people will surely stare. Wrap up gives us more confidence to do this.

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