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7:00 AMkimi ko

This is my simple way of showing you my curves without revealing too much skin. I never tried something simple like this before. I've always worn stylish/skimpy clothes It's simple but definitely attractive

A jeans for a change , I'm too crazy having this in my fashion blog i guess i'll be designing one of those in the feature no one knows maybe i make a fashion trend this time lol. 

Dont mind my posing here, I want something new to my blog that is related to all my modeling skills that's why I posed that way. I know its quite different from other fashion bloggers but that's what makes me unique, right? I'm always collaborating with some well known photographers in the country, and this photo is always included in prestigious ads.

Sir Michael See Apeles is always there to have my photo taken at Wowenkho Studios. I always admire that way he shows his creativity in shoots. I'm lucky to be the first person to have a photo shoot in their storage room. Sir Mike is always giving me tons of themes to choose from. So why don't you try to have a photo shoot at Wowenkho Studios?

Im collaborating in Prestige Models Management as a Model they always use my photos for the ads
if your on modeling career why don't you try to join Prestige models Management 
make your dreams come true, build your portfolio with prestige management
join them in the biggest runway fashion show.

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