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7:50 AMkimi ko

They said that being an only daughter in the family is like being a princess , but I think it's different from what I experienced lol. I'm actually one of the boys. Having 3 brothers who are always teasing you and make fun of you makes me feel like I'm one of them too . In my childhood days, I got 2 boy best friends too. I think I can easily get along with them in spite our differences. I get used to their surroundings like having a crush with some girls, knowing what they like about girls, doing crazy stuff, and gaming till midnight . I guess that's why I'm not that fussy. It's not my style to be too girly, I'm in the middle but being around the boys makes me feel comfortable. I even got their style in terms of fashion. Whenever I like to dress up simple like everybody else to avoid people's stare, I always think of having a boyish looks , wearing clothes like what boys do. I'm normally like that when I'm alone - when walking down the street or riding the jeepney.

 If you look closely to my photos, you'll notice that I don't usually style my hair or wear makeup because I love having simple hair and face then unique clothes. I just wanna get real, and that's what differs me from other bloggers since I'm just focusing on my clothes. If I dress up from head to toe, everyone will be staring at me and that freaks me out. Just recently, someone asked me why I'm scared of people. That's why I'm always thinking of a way to be simple. Less hairdo and less makeup, more on fashionable clothes

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