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unboring ways of wearing a tshirt (follow my fashion story )

4:50 AMkimi ko

It's cool on how I started wearing a tshirt that I used to hate before because I find it boring. If you happen to read my post about tshirt confession, you will know how I hate the way it is - "It has no sense of style at all." That's what I said back then, but learning and creating art in your mind and making my style essential, maybe I'm the one who's boring and the one who has no idea of not wearing them.
Admitting that you need to learn more is having a sense of strong personality, it means you are open for improvement.
sometimes i feel ungifted of talent and I need to explore more about fashion, arts and all the things that I want to experience. one of my photographer said that admitting you don't have enough knowledge of the things you want to learn is such an act of bravery, that's why I to learn more from you and others, that's why I collab with you, guys.
One of my bestfriend also said that everyday is an opportunity to learn more. Not exploring the things that you want to learn doesn't make you un-gifted, that's why you need to try harder to reach your goals.

This little piece of shirt has a great sense of style. Learning to appreciate little things makes you understand the value of a greater life.
Here's the unboring ways of wearing a tshirt.
Back to basics. A simple top and a shimmering short write its own story of street style.
Simple and bold? It's more convenient for a simple person to wear it but don't forget to add a little detail that shines.

Why don't you try to wrap it up. Borrow a tuxedo from some boy's closet and make it your own skirt, then adding a simple rubber would do for a street style lover.

Cut if off and show some skin I made this skirt with my friend and she cut it that way to show some skin. I always laugh at her because she's a person who wants to show off skin, but she's adding creativity on it. Actually, it's not the way I cut it, she actually exaggerated the cut to make it more high end fashion, which is for an art lover who always wants to have cool fashion stuff.

 I'm a big fan of Valentino, after searching and studying trends of using a huge belt back, I suddenly thought of this corset's belt. It gives us a great shape. This belt was especially made by my mom for me. I'm really grateful of having a mom that gives me a sense of style.
Theres a lot of unboring ways to wear a tshirt like combining it with a skirt with a high slit like this. If you're conservative, just lessen the slit. It adds a sense of style, an art of creativity for those living a fashionable life.
Another way is do it with gingham style polos and corporate tuxedo, it results in a great combination.
There are lots of things that you need to explore. Learning everyday is the best experience you can get, but don't forget to live life in a fashionable way. Till next time, hope you follow my fashion story!




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