9:09 AMkimi ko

I often think where should I fit in. I want to do a lot of things, to experience everything in the field of fashion and arts. My body kinesthetic is like my style - versatile.

 I want to explore what I can do and what I cannot. I may not be a pro like anybody else, but trying everything you want makes your life colorful, you know? How I hate living a simple life, if you know what I mean.

Adding some spice to everything you do makes you think creatively. Now I'm trying to do layouts and practicing photography. I simply don't follow rules; what do I follow is my eyes. I have learned the rules so I can break it creatively. Who needs rules in photography when your eyes catches the greatest memories? We have our different opinions, anyway. Living in fashion industry makes you a more multi-talented person; It's not how you follow the rules or competing against everyone, but how your eyes connect with your hearts. Here are some photos I took and layouts I did

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