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8:57 AMkimi ko

I don't know why I always rush on writing my blog maybe midnight is approaching already and my mind set to post a new blog, I don't usually take time to think of what should i write about my blog I follow what my mind says about that day.

we are on duty styling the models actually its crowded there so i dont take photos I feel frustrated that time, seeing so many models during the shoot. My plan is to style them wearing our management tshirt like on my blog unboring ways to wear a tshirt.

A tshirt for a week, with my partner in crime.

That day i don't really wanna dress up so fashionably chic, I want to end up wearing a simple tshirt and a pair of sneakers I need that boyish aura of mine lol

wearing over sized shirt and a pair of rubber sneakers to add up a little spice i used my red socks its good on how it paired in my red tshirt wanna call it a swag thing lol.
though its a little bit weird but still trendy, makes me feel comfortable and look simple while assisting the models in their photo shoot.

In order not to look like a big sack always mix your style in feminine pieces.

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