2015 everyda


1:00 AMkimi ko

Yes i keep it untitled whenever i feel stressed out, sometimes I don't know where should i start or what should i say about my blog all I know is I want to write something. STRESS RELIEVER though !!

 I used to style my clothes this way. Like in this particular dress, I added a slit, it looks simple but its still fashionable. I cut it on sides so that I can wear this if I want to go out.

This is how I dress when I'm at home. Just choose what shoes to add then I'm good to go.

 It's like every day there's a fashion show. I hate being too simple. I always want to be fashionable and I want my style to be good just to boost my confidence every day. That's my secret when I'm stressed and when I want to feel beautiful. Isn't it funny because I do a lot of crazy things to distress?

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