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I was not born wealthy but I'm born a dreamer. Life is full of criticisms, everyone in the world will criticize the way you look and your standards in the community. I don't know why they took time to criticize every little information that you have. Each of us writes our own story, some of us are protagonist but most are antagonist . Why do they mind other people's business? Why can't they be happy of their own choices? Let me share to you my own experiences. I'm just an average Jane, as simple as everyone else. I always manage to separate schooling from modeling because I'm afraid that some of my classmates will tease me and say "You don't look like a model." I don't have self-confidence and I always mind other people's opinion, which lessens my self-esteem. I believe that what they see is right. I'm afraid to show off my talents and to share it with others. I let them criticize me. So maybe they think that I'm not that talented, that I can't be a model, or I can't be on top.

I don't want to end up like this. I don't want to live through their criticism, that's why I started to build up my dreams and show off what I got. I'm tired of hearing that I don't and I can't. I don't want to live a lie! I want to get real that's why I became a dreamer. I tried to pursue what I want to be. Honestly, it's hard to live in the real world because when you do good stuff, they judge you and when you commit mistakes they criticize you. Every little thing that you do will affect the attitude you have. Their eyes are open but they can't see, they have ears but they won't listen, and lastly they have hearts but it doesn't function. People are living through criticism, which makes me feel like a dead person. They always write lies in my own page, acting like they are the author of my story. They are re-writing what is true. I couldn't take this off my mind.

I've been a victim of cyber bullying, but does it affect them if I dream so high? There's this group of people that I treated so nice. I know myself more than they do, I don't usually speak to others, I don't suck up myself to get famous. I'm not a fame whore, I'm a dreamer! They think that I always get the hearts of everyone because I'm try to be like by them. They think that I'm competing with them in everything that I do but I don't really care for those people who always think that living and pursuing your dream is a competition. Come on, guys! You're supposed to do it for yourself and to make your family proud, not to make everyone else to like you. It makes me feel depress every time I open my account. I don't know what to feel. I want to tell everyone that everything they told me are just rumors, but I guess no one will believe me, but only those who know me best. I can't even forget the foul words that a lady once told me. She even posted every detail through the Facebook and even acted as if she witnessed that moment in her very eyes. I've been in the industry for a year but I didn't even do a single thing like making fun of people who accidentally falls on the runway, I don't even laugh about it because a professional model don't have the right to judge other people's mistakes. Good thing that my mom taught me good manners.
She also taught me not to take the bullies seriously even if they are cursing me to anger because I didn't do it. There's this photographer who calls himself a pro but didn't even know the thing professionally. 
He is the one who laughed, he is the one who judged, but why did they passed it to me? Living through criticism makes you stronger and professional, that's why I take what good people say, "make them your strength, take it all as a challenge, learn from them even if those people are living in their lies.

" There are still people who are living behind their lies. They quickly judge you based on the rumors they hear about you. They pass judgments on what they see. They don't have a heart that understands. Don't listen to what depresses you. Don't allow yourself to live in a world of criticisms. Instead, invest in your achievements and make them your strength. Show them what you've got and prove to yourself that you are worth it.

that's why through criticism i learn to be strong to follow what i want without even hearing their opinions i got inspired by the people around me to strive harder . sable tinctures living through the dark

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