2015 all white


12:19 PMkimi ko

well trying to be sexy on a nice little way, i'm doing this in a white way.  whites on white it isnt about the rules, its all about how you wear them i guess i got two different personas the boyish one and the fashionably chic , never been afraid to try the whites out the monochromatic style simple and clean.

facing my Sundays on whites 
 love the way that i can be boyish for a day. I always wear white on Sundays i never even get bored wearing my favorite pieces corsets ,polo and a pair of sneakers simple and clean. Creating a minimal and polish look that's why i love wearing them on the time of thanks giving.

showing just the right amount of skin to look sexy but refined.

this is how i do it, my boyish aura with those sexy top 

white is also for the daring seasoned lol  
looking fashionably chic thanks to my mom making me this craziest top i wear, my number one fan as always. This is the real me when it comes in styling i don't care if i get too sexy as long as i know where to wear them properly its not all about getting sexy for the boys or dress to impress, its all about you on how will you carry that looks. 

more about my own personal style in my next blog till next time chow.

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