2015 black and white

Playful thoughts

7:32 AMkimi ko

A midnight full of thoughts ,there's always a story behind every little things that I can't puzzled out !! if you know what I mean. I'm confused every time that I hear the clock ticking I always feel like I'm in a hurry, time flies so fast. I even don't know what I like, what I want and who am I. It's strange why do i keep thinking of such a thing like this ,I don't know whats up to or where the fate would lead me, all I know that I'm living in reality.

Playful thoughts isn't it , like I was playing with the colors here black + white +green cant get enough with my thoughts as well as cant get over with what's my style lol. 
Sometimes my mood reflects on what color I'm wearing, when I'm confused  I mix bright colors with black and white or anything that my heart desires to. 

want to know how  I mix and match colors?

I  combine bright and the dark ones

Going on Monochromatic style 

Mix different elements of specific color together such as saturation, tint or shade and design element

do the analogous color effect

make a split complementary by taking a base color then paring it in tertiary colors 
example is red and orange then teal 

Use the complementary colors

have fun, take risks,invent,make mistakes and do whatever you want 

I simply don't apply rules

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