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Finding My Soul

6:29 AMkimi ko

As I'm sailing, I found myself floating in a deep blue sea

where thousands of living words are surrounding me

Its confusing on how I found myself searching for words

to discover my lost soul, I'm now writing in the corners

of the earth.

Those eerie voices are calling me, its a lullaby of

my life where i inherit to speak for my soul

through writings.

Words are the life of our soul, I never imagine how 

clever I am to wrote this words on my own.

My knowledge is not enough to find a letter for myself nor

to create a fantasy for a simple words that i see.

Like a flower that blooms! my thoughts 

are now speaking to my soul, an inked brain where my

imagination plays.

where my soul plays the lullaby of each words and my

hands are dancing with joy.

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