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Can't Be Tamed

7:25 AMkimi ko

I'm always having a hard time thinking of what should I blog about, I almost forgot that I had been part of numerous fashion shows, which I can share  to you, guys. 
This is the first time that I will blog about my modeling life. I will re-post all of my old photos here in blogspot since I started modeling at a very young age, and I tell will share some of my experiences of being a Model.

A dreamer's walk. Yes, I will absolutely tell you more about it, so lets begin the story.
One of the favorite pieces that I have worn is a masterpiece by Designer Ian Mallabo.

 It's too sexy; too fierce. The first time I saw the this, I was like "Wow! Kaya ko ba 'tong soutin? Ang taba ko na kaya!" The first thing that crossed my mind is that, "I hope I can give justice to this. Sana maganda ang kalabasan."

Can't be tamed, right? 
And when I asked who's the designer, they replied Ian Mallabo. His name
sounds familiar.

 And when I'm walking down the runway, I remember racking my brains because I know I really know him. And then one thing came up my mind, "MEGA YOUNG DESIGNER".

 I was like "Oh!" And gave my best look and strut pose in the runway, hoping that he would like the way I carry his masterpiece.

And when the show is over, I was like "Ayoko ng hubarin, gawa 'to ng international designer". I was really happy that day cause I was one of the lucky girls to showcase his masterpiece to others. I think I'm blessed enough to experience this.

So this is the "dreamer's walk" that I want to share to you, guys because like you, I got so many dreams to fulfill, a lots of things that I need to experience, a young mind to treasure, everything that I endure, and a heart that would never give up in any circumstances of life. 
Even though some people would say you will never be like them, always think the positive way that you can be the best that you can be. Honestly, I'm just standing 5'5 to be a runway model, but look, I'm so blessed. God helped me to find a way cause I know that there are no rules that we need to apply when we are following our dreams. Always remember that God is always with us and he will never give us something that we can't do, so what is the sense of dreaming if we don't fulfill it? Dream big as long as you're living.
As Pablo Picasso once said, "Break the rules like a pro."

Judging an event held at SM Mall

Here's the link for more information of Ian Mallabo Collection

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